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Bible Reader for Win CE

Olive Tree Bible Software
Palm OS Pocket PC Bibles
BibleReader for Pocket PC
(including Windows CE® 2.0, 2.11, and 3.0)

BibleReader™for Pocket PC®

BibleReader™for Windows CE®

The BibleReader™  is the application that "reads" the text. You must install both the BibleReader and a Bible text database.  If you do not already have text please click on available Bibles.
BibleReader for Pocket PC / OS 3.0
  • Select your download according to the type of processor 
    in your handheld.

Cassiopeia E-115 
 Some Compaq's w/WinCE 3.0

MIPS processor: download 2.09k    BibleReader_ce30_mips.zip

HP Jornada 545

SH3 processor: download 2.09k BibleReader_ce30_sh3.zip

HP Jornada 720 (HPC 2000)
(uses the same as OS 2.11)

ARM processor: download 2.09k 

Compaq iPAQ H3600

ARM processor: download 2.09k 

BibleReader for Win CE 2.0 and 2.11
  • Select your download according to the type of processor 
    in your handheld.
  • List of handhelds and their appropriate BibleReaders
  • Toolbar pictured above not supported in Windows CE 2.0

For a Clamshell Model with: Windows CE 2.11 - 2.09p

ARM processor: download bible_hand_arm_211.zip

MIPS processor:downloadbible_hand_mips_211.zip

 SH3 processor: download bible_hand_sh3_211.zip

 SH4 processor: download bible_hand_sh4_211.zip

Palm-size Models with: Windows CE 2.11 - 2.09k

MIPS processor:download bible  palm mips_211.zip

 SH3 processor: download bible_palm_sh3_211.zip

All Models with: Windows CE 2.0 -  2.09k

MIPS processor: download Reader  20mips.zip

 SH3 processor: download Reader  20sh3.zip

Download Instructions:

1.  First determine which type of processor your handheld has (SH3, MIPS, etc.)

2.  Then determine which version of Windows CE® your handheld runs.

3.  For Windows CE®, also determine your model type:

  • Clamshell/handheld model (resembles mini-laptop)
  • Palm-size model (does not open and close, no keyboard)


4.  Choose appropriate BibleReader™, click on link and download to your desktop PC.

Installation of BibleReader and Bible text files for Pocket PC / Windows CE®
  1. Cradle your handheld; open your handheld's Sync/File Transfer software on your desktop PC.
  2. Use the Sync software to create one folder on your handheld: a folder named Bible in your My Documents directory. (MyDocuments/Bible)
  3. Locate the appropriate BibleReader .zip file you downloaded to your desktop PC and unzip it.  We recommend using WinZip 7.0 or above for best results, if you don't have a copy, you may go to www.winzip.com to download.
  4. Copy and paste the unzipped BibleReader .exe file (it will be called something like "bible_2.11palm_mips.exe") to the StartMenu  folder in your handhelds Windows/StartMenu. (If you do not have a Start Menu folder in your Windows directory just put it in the Windows folder.) Doing this will cause the BibleReader to appear at the top of the list when you press the Windows CE Start icon on the handheld desktop.
  5. Unzip the Bible version file(s) and Copy/Paste the .pdb files to the MyDocuments/Bible folder on the handheld.

    Note:  If you later choose to store your Bible files in another location, you must go to the BibleReader's Edit>Preferences screen and type the path to the new location into the Database Path field. Not available as yet on Pocket PC 3.0 or above.
  6. When the files are in the correct folders perform the Synch Transfer. 
  7. After the transfer is complete, tap on the Windows CE icon, then the BibleReader icon and the application will open.
  8. You may want to create a folder on your desktop PC to keep the original copies of the BibleReader.exe file and the Bible database .pdb files just in case they were ever lost or damaged on the handheld device.

How to Use BibleReader on the Pocket PC

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