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Greek/Hebrew/English Bible Software for the Publishing Scholar

... and Everyone Else!

No matter what your budget or expertise, the nonprofit GRAMCORD Institute can recommend an appropriate Biblical studies tool. And with GRAMCORD, you don't have to BE a scholar to study like one. (Seminarians/Students: Check out the special group order discounts below!)



If you are anxious to learn more about the nonprofit GRAMCORD Institute's various programs, just click to the appropriate platform link: Windows software or Palm/CE/PocketPC. You probably came here looking for Greek and Hebrew Biblical texts, instant parsing, lexicons, cut-and-pasting into documents, parallel synchronized Greek/Hebrew/English displays, and English Bible searching and related tools. You've come to the right place. Read on for our latest special offers -- or follow the links to your area of interest. (Note the Site Map to the left and the Search TGI prompt at the upper right.) The next section contains some important SALE announcements -- but feel free to page past them if you are looking for our regular features. Thank you for your interest in the nonprofit research projects of The GRAMCORD Institute.

Rev. Prof. Paul A. Miller, Founding Director.

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Phone (360) 576-3000 or email BibleS cholars{at}GRAMC ORD•org


plus 2 Free Programs!

Greek/Hebrew/English Bible research for both power users & beginners.

Yes. You read it right! Our most popular program, the GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS GNT/HMT/LXX Ultimate Bundle, is on sale for only $195 -- PLUS you may choose *AS YOUR FIRST BONUS* GreekFlash Pro, Hammoreh Hebrew Grammar Tutorial, GreekMaster, Lightning Bible Atlas, or Preachers Partner OR choose the innovative GRAMCORD Lite for Palm/PocketPC and carry the Greek GNT and English Bibles in your pocket!).......**PLUS AS YOUR SECOND BONUS ITEM** we will also throw in either a currently featured Palm/PocketPC Bible module OR the Hammoreh Hebrew Grammar Tutorial! (Of course, in addition to the two free bonus items, you may order as many extra items as you wish at the regular prices. You would normally pay $235 for the Ultimate bundle and up to $80 for the bonus programs -- but now only $195 plus shipping/handling when you tell us you want the Bonus Bundle Discount! Get all the great Greek/Hebrew/English Bible features GRAMCORD is famous for -- along with all associated lexicons/dictionaries, 10 English Bibles, and much more. Order immediately by calling (360) 576-3000 or email the scholars at The GRAMCORD Institute: BibleScholars(at)GRAMCORD•org. None of the commercial publishers offer this much value at such a low price -- but this is the nonprofit mission of the GRAMCORD Institute. Thank you for supporting our Biblical research projects, scholarships, and grants.

Yes, GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS has hundreds of Vista & Windows 7 users!

Check our Technical Helps page (see sidebar). Users of Windows 7 HOME PREMIUM Edition should email for options and special instructions.

Priced under $49: Check out our Greek/Hebrew learning tools.


Order two GRAMCORD Bonus Bundles: only $179 each.

(Contact the Institute for details or read our group order procedures.)

What do I get in the GRAMCORD Bonus Bundle?

Besides the two bonus programs (one that you choose and one that we choose), you get the biggest GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS Bundle offered by The GRAMCORD Institute, the one that 98% of our users order. The GRAMCORD GNT/HMT/LXX Ultimate Bundle -- priced elsewhere on this site at $235 but discounted in this special offer-- includes the complete Greek, Hebrew, and Septuagint GRAMCORD research system (based on NA27 GNT, BHS HMT, & Rahlf's LXX). Includes all associated lexicons and dictionaries including The Louw & Nida Semantic Domain Greek Lexicon (for the Greek New Testament), NAS Greek Dictionary, NAS Hebrew Dictionary, UBS Greek Dictionary, BDB Princeton Edition Hebrew Lexicon, LEH LXX Lexicon (a true Septuagint lexicon, not merely a Classical Greek lexicon), Wheeler Greek & Hebrew Syntax Notes, KJV, ASV, NIV, NASB, NAS95, NKJV, NRSV, RSV, Darby's, Young's Literal Bibles (10 English Bibles). Also both NASB and KJV Strong's Concordance Systems with tools, Matthew Henry, Nave's Topical, Greek Textus Receptus, Robertson's Word Pictures, and more. And GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS runs on all Windows editions/versions including WinXP.

Will my GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS run under Windows Vista?

Yes, we have many GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS users running our software within 32bit Vista. Of course, many Windows Vista users will need to run GRAMCORD/BCS using the free BCS.CMD launcher provided on the GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS CDROM and on our Updates/Downloads page. (Indeed, any WinXP, Win2000, or WinVista user of GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS may experience an environment space message if they have not added the BCS.CMD file to their GRAMCORD installation. BCS.CMD also addresses the damage caused by some types of spyware infections which can prevent GRAMCORD and various other types of programs from running. BCS.CMD temporarily cleans the environment space and repairs some key Windows files in a fraction of a second and then launches GRAMCORD/BCS.)

Vista has brought Microsoft a lot of complaints concerning software compatibility, the lack of important device drivers, and downright irritating "this feature no longer supported" issues. Fortunately, we've only encountered one of these issues in GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS and it is easily addressed. Microsoft dropped .HLP file support and so the GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS and Bible Companion help files cannot easily be displayed in their original form under Vista as presently shipped. But Microsoft got so many complaints from both publishers and users such that they changed their minds and now offer the necessary WINHLP2 system files at the Microsoft website. But rather than deal with Microsoft's change-of-mind and stream of patches and updates, we've posted on our download server a great many .hlp file alternatives including an HTML version for your Internet browser as well as .doc, .rft, .pdf version and more. Visit our Technical Helps and Downloads page for more information.

We are still soliciting feedback from the relatively few users of 64bit Vista. Microsoft has responded to complaints about Windows 64bit Vista by releasing the free Virtual PC 2007 program. As stated on Microsoft's website, the improved Virtual PC program helps "customers migrate existing applications to Windows Vista." Although some corporate users of Windows have been very public about dropping Windows Vista and returning to WinXP, Microsoft's Virtual PC deserves a look from anyone who experiences any problems running any program on Windows Vista. Details appear at

Technical issues related to Windows Vista and topics such as GRAMCORD's help files and documentation appear at

Extended Payment Terms: Those with special financial needs may request 1/2 down now & 1/2 in 60 days!

Students: Organize a group and get free software for yourself. Contact us for details!

GRAMCORD Lite with Greek accents & Hebrew vowel points, parsings, and more!

We've not yet updated all of our webpages but you should know that both the Palm and PocketPC versions of GRAMCORD Lite include full greek accenting/diacrtical marks -- and you may also order the $40 Hebrew MT text module with full vowel pointing! (The Hebrew parsings module is an additional $30 -- and for a limited time we are including a free bonus Princeton BDB Hebrew Lexicon experimental module which you may continue to update via free downloads.) Add the Palm/PocketPC Septuagint text with parsings and LEH lexicon for $75. GRAMCORD Lite continues to grow and improve. We still have some literature and web bulletins circulating that refer to the program being in beta release -- but in fact GRAMCORD Lite (for Palm & WindowsCE/Pocket PC) is shipping/downloading en masse and the reviews have been great. Thank you all! (Visit our handheld computer software webpages for more information.) And if you are looking for a great value in desktop Bible software PLUS free handheld software bonuses, checkout our BONUS BUNDLE special offer above..

We show no profits -- so all the gems are yours!

The nonprofit GRAMCORD has been the pioneering leader in Biblical language databases and scholarly tools since 1976. We also are the undisputed leader in terms of price. How can we offer all the tools you REALLY need at such a low price? First, we don't show a profit and there are no shareholders demanding a return on their investment. Secondly, the Institute purchases very little advertising space in periodicals. Those fullpage four ads cost as much as $12,000 for ONE issue -- and that considerably inflates the price you pay for Bible software. (It only takes a handful of magazine ads to produce a six figure advertising budget and million dollar annual advertising outlays are not unusual among commercial publishers. Guess who pays for it?) Thirdly, we sell directly to the end-user -- so there is no middle-man or bookstore to add a hefty margin (which typically doubles the wholesale price point.) So when you purchase a heavily-advertised commerically published Bible program, only a minority percentage of your purchase price pays for content and programming. And with GRAMCORD Institute software, ALL of the proceeds (not just a tiny royalty percentage) sponsor the ongoing research of Biblical database scholars worldwide, the Institute's staff of Associate Scholars, as well as the Institute's scholarship recipients and philanthropic projects. We don't fill your CDROM with countless public domain foreign language bibles and redundant databases you will never use. (Yes, look closely at the big name Bible programs and you will find lots of overlapping and obsolete titles. For example, you don't need four Hebrew morphologies that are simply variations on one another. You need one carefully edited original language parsed text that reflects the best of modern scholarship. And where do the commerical publishers look for such databases? The GRAMCORD Institute. Yes, we license out some of our data but not our research system.)

Of course, GRAMCORD has always been known as "the seminarian's survival kit" and the choice of leading Biblical scholars -- yet, we regularly hear from users that other family members consult our English Bible tools including the NASB and KJV Strong's Concordances (with lay-oriented Greek/Hebrew dictionaries and language helps) for personal study and building Bible study handouts. GRAMCORD is NOT just for professional scholars. ("You don't have to be a scholar to study like one.") GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS is appropriate for every Bible student -- and provides tools you won't outgrow.

GRAMCORD is easier to learn... and easier to use!

We hear it again and again: "GRAMCORD is so much easier to use than other programs I've tried." Indeed, many of our site-licensing seminaries chose to require GRAMCORD for their distance-learning students precisely because students can get started quickly and not require extensive assistance. (Of course, if a user DOES need assistance, our 9am to 11pm technical/exegetical support, Monday through Saturday is a very big plus.)

The nonprofit GRAMCORD Institute is staffed when most for-profit publishers have already called it a day!

Phone,, or email us -- because you won't get a salesman. You'll get a scholar, someone who understands Biblical languages. Plus, the nonprofit GRAMCORD Institute is staffed when most for-profit publishers have already called it a day. (At least one language specialist is usually available from 9am to 11pm, Monday through Saturday.) Our voicemail system is ALWAYS available -- and we will return all calls within North America at our own expense. (Please allow a little extra time when our phones are jammed first thing Monday morning and whenever we've been mentioned in a publication or radio program.) Let's face it: most Bible software users do much of their study in the evenings and on Saturdays. Despite the higher prices, you won't get technical support (let alone high-caliber exegetical help) from commerical Bible software publishers outside of conventional business hours. This is another GRAMCORD difference that has proven important to many of site-licensing institutions which require GRAMCORD for their distance learning students. (When students can't benefit from on-campus help, they especially appreciate their easy-to-use GRAMCORD.)

The GRAMCORD challenge: Ask yourself what you really need and what you want to spend -- and then look at our lists of contents.

Many of our users are on a budget. They know what they want and aren't interesting in paying for unnecessary, redundant, and obsolete materials. See for yourself. Peruse the GRAMCORD for Windows contents and prices, read user testimonials, take a screen tour, get a general overview, or simply order now. We also have special group discount prices. In fact, our group prices on the GRAMCORD Ultimate Bundle are lower than the latest upgrade price of the most heavily advertised Bible programs! (And GRAMCORD offers a true Septuagint lexicon -- which is sorely lacking in those programs.)

Our GRAMCORD for Windows GNT/NAS95 ($99) and GNT/HMT/LXX ($178) bundles mentioned in recent software reviews and periodicals have created a deluge of inquiries. Our special group discount offers are the talk of seminary Greek classes nation-wide. Bible students find it hard to believe that such low prices are possible -- especially in the light of the prestige of the GRAMCORD name. Yet, the GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS CDROM is appropriate to the beginning student, the average Bible reader, the Bible teacher, the seminary professor, and the most prolific publishing scholar. While the Institute's reputation has always been a scholarly one, with GRAMCORD Institute software you don't have to be a scholar to study like one. (And you can save money at the same time.)

Next to the $235 Ultimate Bundle, our most popular program is the GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS GNT/HMT/LXX Scholar's Bundle. At only $178, the Scholar's Bundle costs less than half the price of the commercially-published alternatives and offers incredible research power -- and we offer the primary original language databases developed and officially maintained by the three leading morphology projects: TGI, Westminster, and University of Pennsylvania/CCAT. (We do not include redundant outdated analytical databases or "bootleg" databases derived from the copyrighted works of others.) GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS is even more affordable in group orders of two or more. (With a large group, imagine buying the famed GRAMCORD GNT/HMT/LXX system for only $99 each!) And for only $235 you can enjoy all this plus 10 Bible translations and our entire library of Greek/Hebrew lexicons and dictionaries: the GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS Ultimate bundle. For a limited time, the Ultimate Bundle ships with your choice of one free software or textbook selection! (For a complete list of GRAMCORD bundle choices, click to our Help Me Choose! webpage.) These free bonus choices are great for learning the languages or trying to preserve what you learned years ago! Check out GreekFlash Pro ($35) or GreekMaster ($39), both with audio to help you pronounce Koine Greek. The innovative Hammoreh Hebrew Grammar Tutorial ($45) teaches "sight parsing" of Hebrew words. (It's not enough to drill vocabulary. You want to learn the word forms as well!). But probably the most exciting of the bonus items is GRAMCORD Lite for Palm & Pocket PC. (A little overwhelmed by the bonus choices? Call us at (360) 576-3000 to discuss your options!)

Of course, we've concentrated on Windows software here because that represents the majority of our user community. If you are interested in handheld operating system platforms, link to our Palm/CE/PocketPC.

The pioneering legacy of The GRAMCORD Institute

For 31years the nonprofit GRAMCORD Institute, a consortium of seminary professors and publishing Biblical scholars, has set a standard for Bible software. It is the Institute's chartered mission to pioneer new technologies and publication-quality tools that the for-profit, commercial sector is less likely to encourage and support. We pioneered the original Greek New Testament grammatical concordance program in 1976. (GRAMCORD is short for GRAMmatical conCORDance -- an unprecedented concept at the time and the first ancient language software package ever released to the general public.) Our programs were known mostly in scholarly circles until thousands of pastors, rabbis, priests, students, translators, and others discovered that The GRAMCORD Institute offers powerful Bible software at very popular prices. Even so, because of our very conservative spending on magazine advertising, we are not as well known to the general public as we are amongst Society of Biblical Literature, American Academy of Religion, and Evangelical Theological Society scholars. Even so, word-of-mouth advertising remains the lifeblood of this organization. And the individual authors and editors are known worldwide for their scholarship and technological innovation. Institute President D. A. Carson is best known for his Matthew and John commentaries and dozen of books on exegesis and theology, and cultural topics including Exegetical Fallacies, The Gagging of God, Greek Accents, How Long Oh Lord, and Telling the Truth. Institute Founder and Director Paul A. Miller wrote the world's first Biblical language grammatical concordance system in 1976 and was named Beinecke Distinguished Scholar. The late Dr. James L. Boyer left a legacy as a much loved professor who introduced literally thousands of seminary students to Koine Greek. Your order of GRAMCORD Institute software sponsors continued excellence and cutting-edge scholarship rather than corporate profits and endless advertising expenses.

In the Institute's continuing tradition of innovation and techological R&D, we are pleased to offer GRAMCORD Lite for handhelds: Palm, Windows CE, and Pocket PC for only $50. (With special offers, it is discounted or even free.) Add the Hebrew MT text module for $40 (add another $30 for the parsings and BDB Lexicon) and the NAS95 Bible plus Greek/Hebrew/English dictionaries for $30. Add the LXX text with parsings and lexicon for $75. Download your favorite free public domain Bibles and databases or order unlocking passwords from our growing library of modules. Carry the Greek/Hebrew/LXX Bibles with parsing databases/lexicons, 14 Bibles, and lots of Bible reference tools in your shirt pocket! (We do.) Visit our handheld computer software webpages for more information.

We continue to cooperate with various nonprofit and for-profit commercial publishers (although no one publisher exclusively) as part of our research mission. We realize that there is confusion at times -- which is probably an inevitable confusion -- between our GRAMCORD database (which has been licensed to other parties) and our highly specialized GRAMCORD for Windows grammatical research software (which remains proprietary to the GRAMCORD Institute). If you want the full power of GRAMCORD on a Windows platform, you will only find it on programs published by The GRAMCORD Institute.

If you don't have time to browse our website, phone us or email your questions to BibleScholars(at)GRAMCORD•org.

The GRAMCORD Institute. Scholars building Biblical studies tools -- since 1976.

"Anyone who undertakes the exegesis of the New Testament without familiarity with GRAMCORD does so at their own peril." --Dr. Gleason L. Archer, Professor Emeritus



If you are ready to order, visit the How to Order GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS page.


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