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How to use Bible Reader for Pocket PC

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How to use the BibleReader for Pocket PC

  1. Start BibleReader for Pocket PC by selecting "BibleReader" from your Pocket PC "Start" menu.  BibleReader automatically locates all properly installed Bible text database files.

Select a Bible

  1.  Tap the Select Bible button near the top of the screen, or choose the View /Bible menu to open a Bible.  BibleReader automatically re-opens the last-read Bible, assuming it is still installed.

  1. The current Bible and current location are displayed in the Location Bar at the top of the screen.  Change Bibles by tapping the Bible Version (left button on the "Location Bar" - this button normally contains the name of the currently displayed Bible version). 

    Similarly, move to a different location in the Bible text by tapping the Verse button (right button on the "Location Bar" - this button normally contains the book, chapter and verse currently displayed.

    You may also navigate to a new verse of scripture by tapping Tools>Find>Verse and then using the keyboard to input the reference number, tap Amen and it goes to the desired reading.


Location Bar

  1. Preferences are set by selecting the Tools / Preferences menu.  These will include the following:
  • Bible Display Preferences which allows you to choose where you would like the book/chapter/verse reference displayed.
  • Text Display Preferences which gives you five choices of font sizes, from tiny to huge, and five choices of border spacing from very narrow to very wide.  Combinations of these options will effect the amount of text displayed on your screen at any one time.
  1. Scrolling: scroll by one of two different methods.  Use the PDA's hardware scrolling button (scrolls one screen at a time) or by using the scrolling buttons on the Toolbar at the bottom of the BibleReader screen. 

The Toolbar scrolling buttons scroll as follows:

  • Scrolls to the previous book (chapter 1, verse 1)
  • Scrolls to the previous chapter (verse 1)
  • Scrolls to the previous verse
  • Scrolls to the next verse
  • Scrolls to the next chapter (verse 1)
  • Scrolls to the next book (chapter 1, verse 1)

    1. Add a bookmark for the verse currently displayed in the bar at the top of the screen by tapping Tools/ Add Bookmark.

    2. Choose Tools/ Bookmarks to display and manage your Bookmark list. Select the desired Bookmark within your Bookmark list and tap either "OK" (top right corner) or "Amen" (bottom left corner) to jump directly to that location in the currently-displayed Bible text.

Bookmarks List

Quickly add multiple Bookmarks by selecting a new verse in the Go to a Verse screen (tap the verse reference bar just above text) and then selecting "Bookmarks" (tap the "Bookmarks" tab) and then tap "Add" when the screen changes (see below).

Quickly add new Bookmarks to the Bookmarks List

In the future, the capability of saving the Bookmark list to a file and reading the Bookmark list from a file will be added to BibleReader for Pocket PC.

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