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What's new in Bible Reader for Win CE Olive Tree Bible Software

Olive Tree Bible Software
What's New in BibleReader for Win CE?

This page tracks the fixes and improvements made in each release 
of the BibleReader  for Windows CE.  Many thanks to all who reported bugs 
and helped make the BibleReader a more useable tool for God's Word. 

Version 2.09k March 1, 2001 Download 2.09k

Fixes a scroll back chapter/verse reference problem

Version 2.09j February 7, 2001 Download 2.09j

Fixed the bookmarks.
Fixed some search problems on the PocketPC.
Fixed some scrolling issues.


Version 2.09h Download Here

Version 2.09e January 3,2001 Download 2.09e

Available now in beta version for those who would like to test.

Added the BibleReadMe functionality - called the Daily Reading on the tools menu.
If you use the files from Back to the Bible, just rename them to "DailyBible.pdb"

Version 2.09c   October 10, 2000     Download 2.09c Current Version

 Fixed the selection alignment problem with the GRAMCORD definitions.
      (needs more testing)
  Separated the commands to toggle showing Strong's verses 
      (still the 's' and 'n' command.  
      To toggle display of the GRAMCORD parsing, use the letter 'p'
  Fixed a problem with a crash on search.
  Fixed a color problem.
  Fixed a problem with the header enabled.
  On CE 2.0 and 2.11 added a *.bbb file type.
  Fixed a problem with reading Proverbs 20 in the RSV.

Version 2.09   July 14, 2000   

   Added the Albanian Bible.
   Added advanced formatting for the RSV and NRSV.
   Fixed several Strong's numbers problems.
   Fixed highlighting not reset after a find, 
   Fixed verse ref on menu, and re-sizing the PC BibleReader
   Fixed a crash on finding Strong's Greek word
   Fixed show key word, i.e.  "1" for father
   Fixed the highlight on searching with Strong's numbers not shown
   Fixed in Strong's invalid Greek word == 1 Sam 2:4 "strength" - Hebrew NOT loaded
   Turned off the background color on the PocketPC (future)
   Fixed problem with searching if no Greek text, yet internal CE font chosen
   Strong's on PocketPC fixed the def window not re-sizing correctly after a 'w' command
   Fixed a problem with the RVR60 not able to go to Ephesians.

Version 2.07f   April 7, 2000 

  • Fixed a problem with the verse reference (tapping on the menu did not always work)

  • Increased the number of bookmarks to 40

  • Fixed the Edit menu (left edge was cut off)

  • Added FindNext and FindFirst buttons to the Search screen

  • Fixed a problem with a Search not beginning at the correct book and FindNext search result not continuing from the current location

  • Fixed display of Spanish, German and other extended characters 

  • Decreased memory requirement

  • Added support for RSV, NRSV, CEV, TEV

  • Added support for Apocryphal books (NRSV)

Version 2.07d  March 12, 2000 


  • Fixed forward scrolling

  • Fixed the same bookmark being added more than once

  • The New Features Toolbar location is now user-configurable: None (toolbar does not display), Menu level (covers the menus), or Below menu level (menus and toolbar simultaneously accessible).  

  • PLEASE NOTE: Toolbar display configuration is not supported in CE 2.00; in CE 2.00 the toolbar is always to the right of the menus

  • Bible database name is now limited to 8 characters

  • Removed separators from the Edit menu

  • Changed "Lex Window" label to "Parsing Window"

Version 2.07c    March 5, 2000 

  • Fixed Greek font switching back and forth using the script menus

  • Changed the standard menu bar display to the following: name of the Bible database, then the current verse, then Edit, then Help, then (if present) custom menu items  

    Please note: clicking on the Bible database name brings up Open File to select another loaded Bible version; clicking on the verse brings up the Verse Chooser to select a verse (the header function should no longer be needed)

  • Added a new Features toolbar (with placeholder icons until the final icons are finished)  Toolbar items in order: OpenFile, Verse Chooser, FindFirst, FindNext, Toggle definition window on and off, toggle display of Strong's numbers in text (or GRAMCORD tagging) on and off, Bookmarks, Copy, Scroll Back, and Scroll Forward

  • Added Bookmarks (new feature)

  • Go and Find (search) feature cursor now defaults to the first data entry field

  • Go to a Verse feature cursor now defaults to the chapter field for quicker entry

Version 2.07b   February 23,  2000 

  • Added support for NASB with Strong's Numbers

  • Added shortcut commands for Strong's Numbers:

    • w - toggle definition window on/off

    • s - toggle Strong's numbers in the text on/off

    • v - toggle verse / paragraph mode on/off

  • Added support for the Douay-Rheims version and the Weymouth NT version

  • Fixed the following: 

    • Greek Font crash problem, also, the problem with losing Greek Font

    • Search not starting at the correct book

    • Search not highlighting the search results

    • Problem with searching one book over and over

    • Problem with a few invalid reference numbers or books

    • New About Box and Copyright screens

Version 2.06j   December 20, 1999 

  • Added ability to tap the verse reference to bring up a Verse Chooser box

  • Added more features to the Verse Chooser box

  • Simplified the menus

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