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Using BibleReader (continued)

The Tree Icon

The Tree icon is the shortcut to Menu items.  By tapping on the tree you display a number of options to choose from:
  • Bible  Tap on Bible to open a specific version of the Bible that you have downloaded onto your PDA.  Tap Open Bible and you will see a list of those available to you. Tap on your selection.
  • OT  Tap on OT and a drop down menu appears allowing you to choose a specific book or verse from the Old Testament.  If you select "verse chooser" the screen will display the abbreviations of the 39 books of the Old Testament.  Tap on the book you desire, the abbreviation will appear in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Then using the small numerical table in the lower right hand corner select the chapter you desire, and that number will be displayed on the middle line, to the right of the book abbreviation, then tap on the line in the lower right hand corner and choose the verse number, if the numbers displayed are correct then tap on Go and the search will begin.
  • NT  Please refer to instructions above for OT the Old Testament.
  • Edit  Brings a sub menu with many options to choose from.
  1. Copy and Paste.  If you have selected some text Copy will allow you to copy it and put it into another application for such things as note taking.  Paste can only be used here when using the Classic desktop to paste a word or phrase at the top of the screen.
  2. Small, Bold, Large, and Other Fonts offer the user the option of how the text will appear on screen.
  3. Find and Find Next are powerful tools that allow the user to perform a word or phrase search throughout that portion of the Bible presently loaded on the PDA.
    • Tapping on the word Find in the Edit sub menu brings up the search screen and allows the user to define the parameters of the search.
    • Under the title bar, "Go and Find Options", is the area to designate the word or phrase to search for.  Tap the line to indicate you want to  put something there.  The user can copy/paste the word or phrase directly from the text or use the PDA "abc" keyboard to input the information.
    • The next four options the user has are: 
      • Exact -Use Exact for case sensitive searching.  For example, "he is the father" would bring up different results than "He is the Father".
      • Ignore Case - Use Ignore Case to disable case sensitivity.
      • All Words -  Use All Words will bring up verses containing all the search words.
      • Any Words - Any Words will bring up verses containing any of the search words.
    • The user can designate one of three different ranges, 1,2, or 3 for the search to work within.  These perimeters may be larger or smaller portions of the Bible according to the users desire.
    • The three buttons at the bottom of the screen, FindFirst, Next, and Cancel allow you to start the search, continue the search, or end the search.
  4. Preferences there are several options under this sub menu:
    • Format allows you to display text on the screen either by verse or by paragraph.  By verse will keep all the verse numbers running down the left side of the screen, by paragraph will keep the text flowing without obvious line breaks separating the text.  (Full formatted texts such as the NRSV will ignore these options)
    • Scrolling options allow you to scroll the text by 1 or 2 verse increments or move to the next screen entirely.  The user may also set the scrolling option differently for the built in rocker button on the device as compared to the scrolling increments when tapping the screen.  With Tap 1/2 Screen the user can move in reverse increments by tapping the top half of the screen or forward increments by tapping the bottom half of the screen. When working with Strong's numbers and Tap 1/2 screen the user should use a "swipe" method to select words as tapping a word will actually produce a scroll in this mode.
    • Greek font enabling/disabling available for OS 3.0
    • Color enabling for color capable units.
      With five color options available:
      • T  - Text color
      • - Background color
      • TS  - Strong's definition color
      • BS  - Background Strong's color
      • TG  - Greek text color
  5. Desktop allows the user to change the appearance of the screen to their preference.  The four options are Kalamata, Sicilian, Classic, and Nicoise.  Variables are described on screen and the user may want to experiment with any or all of them to find the one that best fits their needs.
  6. Toggling or switching between two screen formats is accomplished by two shortcuts.  To toggle between full screen and half screen the user can "write" a "W" in the writing area below the text with the stylus.  Likewise to toggle between plain text and text with Strong's numbers embedded the user would "write" an "S" in the same area as a shortcut.

Help provides useful information and clues to the user under the categories of About, Abbreviations, Search/Find, Copyrights, Info, and Bible Directory. Some of this information may prove helpful when working through a procedure, others will help identify which version of the BibleReader, or specific files of text the user has loaded if reporting a specific problem or asking a specific question in e-mail to Support@Olive Tree.com.

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