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What students and pastors are saying about GRAMCORD:

"Frankly, I always thought of GRAMCORD as something very powerful and complex and really meant for exegetical scholars. However, even though I hope to use its advanced capabilities someday, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it handles all of the simple and daily tasks I expect of a Bible program. When I compared these features among the various programs sold at my seminary bookstore, I realized I could get everything I needed and more for a lot less money than those softwares. I never thought I could get all of this for less than $200." -- Stephen Webb, M. Div. student

Comparing programs? Consider these recent comments from users of GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS:

"GRAMCORD is the only program with a true Septuagint Lexicon [LEH]. I didn't think I would need an LXX module but now I realize that many of my New Testament studies require me to consider how a particular Greek word was used in translating the Hebrew OT and how it would have been understood by the writers of the NT. I appreciate that you went to the expense of including the LEH lexicon and not just a Classical Greek lexicon like Liddell/Scott." [NOTE: The GRAMCORD Institute enjoys a special relationship with The LEH Septuagint Lexicon because its authors made use of GRAMCORD Institute software and research in its preparation.]

"GRAMCORD for our student group was $150 less than the not-as-powerful program we had at first considered."

"GRAMCORD has after-hours and Saturday support when I do a lot of my sermon preparation. I've only called once (when I lost my installation passwords) but it is nice to know the technical and exegetical help is there. The professor who answered the phone once guest-lectured at my seminary Greek class back in the early 80's."

"GRAMCORD is easier-to-learn and use than my old program."

"I'm in Moody Bible Institute's distance learning program. I don't have the advantage of getting help from other students on the main campus. I'm very glad Moody required GRAMCORD for this course."

"GRAMCORD's grammatical search template is FAR EASIER than anything else available. I never thought that a search for a grammatical construction in the GNT would be this simple, and that it even prevents me from choosing impossible forms."

"GRAMCORD [Institute] offered our denomination's pastors' fellowship a group price that included the GreekFlash Pro [vocabulary drilling system]. Within about six weeks I felt like I had recovered my Greek skills from my seminary days! When I told my friends to get GRAMCORD, I told them to be sure to get GreekFlash Pro as well. Thanks for that recommendation."

"I was glad to see that I didn't have to pay for a lot of extra foreign language bibles that I will never use. Your modular system is great."

"Most of our students, most of the time, need certain basic functions which several programs in the "marketplace" can provide -- but GRAMCORD provides them at a far lower price."

"Thanks for the special payment terms. That made a big difference for our international students."

"If someone's primary interest is the original languages of the Bible, GRAMCORD represents the best software value."

"My old program gives you one element at a time and forces you to type in many types of queries items (which means you have to know them and understand how they work programmatically). With GRAMCORD, I could forget about that stuff."

"We find that due to heavy promotion and advertising there are a lot of pockets of support for various Bible programs. Some of our professors have even been given free software in exchange for promoting a certain program (and discouraging other programs) on the campus. I'm glad to be giving a nonprofit project like GRAMCORD its due prominence. It is a much better deal for students. I wish you guys advertised more but I see your point. Everything costs money."

"An example of the kind of thing that I thought a program would be helpful for was, for a recent presentation at SBL, I wanted to show that there is no other case in the Bible, as in the juncture of Exod 19:25-20:1, where a vayyomer (plus or minus subject) + 'el- (1925 b). is used absolutely (ie--without citation provided) and then followed immediately by an initial wayyedaber (201). I just put together this search in GC...took about 15-30 seconds to construct and less that a second to run...and you are correct, the Exod 19:25-20:1 example was the only hit." [What follows is a reply from one of the Institute's Associate Scholars.] "One of the things that you asked for in the search, 'plus or minus subject' is something that you really can't do in any other program, but GC has always allowed for 'interdata', ie., data which may or may not occur at a specific location. GC also allows you to easily exclude data at a specific location in the search construction, to specify agreements between various elements (6 levels of agreement are possible), to specify absolute verse position of a word starting from the beginning of the verse, and many other types of things that most programmers would never think of."

Invest Your Dollars

The bottom line is that we encourage people to determine what resource materials they really need -- do you need a Haitian Creole or Czech Bible -- and to realize that the price is not always indicative of value. The high prices on many of the commercial programs are necessary to cover those full page magazine advertisements. (They cost from $5,000 to $12,000 each!) High advertising budgets also mean that very little money goes to the professors who are doing the ground-breaking research behind the best Biblical databases. The GRAMCORD Institute's nonprofit purpose is the sponsoring of that research -- and not shareholder profits. We encourage scholars, students, and Bible teachers to consider where they would like to see their dollars invested. GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS delivers publication-quality resources at a price that students can afford. If someone's primary interest is the original languages of the Bible, GRAMCORD represents a superlative value.

Yes, GRAMCORD takes multiple tagging assumptions into account!

One commercial Bible program falsely claims that it is the only system that provides multiple tags for words that can be parsed more than one way (e.g. the many 2nd person plural indicatives/imperatives of Acts). GRAMCORD has made provision for "opinions vary" since 1976. Please take the advertisements from the commercial publishers with a grain of salt. (We believe that in some of those situations, their employees simply do not know Greek and Hebrew and don't understand the grammatical issues.)

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What scholars are saying about GRAMCORD

Learn more about organizing a group of 2 or more for special quantity discounts

If you are ready to order, visit the How to Order GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS page.


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