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What's New for Palm OS

Olive Tree Bible Software
Palm OS Pocket PC Bibles
What's New in BibleReader for Palm OS?

This page tracks the fixes and improvements made in each release 

of the BibleReader for Palm OS connected handhelds.  Many thanks to all

 who reported bugs and helped make the BibleReaderô a more useable

 tool forreading and studying God's Word. 

Online BibleReader Instruction Manual for Palm users

What's New  In 2000 - 2001

Version 3.30c11-- May 1, 2001 -- Download

Better Palm OS 4.0 support


Version 3.30c06 --April 14, 2001 -- Download

1. Palm OS 4.0 support (also solves some memory issues)
2. Romania, Latin Vulgate Bibles,
3. /N for Find next
4. /M for Note chooser
5. New Font screens for Color, Greek, Hebrew.
6. 'a' command to toggle accents on the GNT/Gramcord
7. fixed a problem with the NetBible interaction with NASB.


Version 3.30b17 --February 27, 2001 -- Download

1. Fixes a scroll back chapter/verse reference problem.
2. Changes the name of the Norwegian "Bibelen Guds Ord" to NORKJ.

Version 3.30b16 --February 22, 2001 -- Download

1. Fixes the Greek font for the Byzantine text
2. Fixes several issues with the NASB with Strong's
3. Added menu items for copy note, copy verse, goto note.
4. Added 4 Norwegian Bibles
5. Added several public domain Greek New Testaments


Version 3.30b6 --February 8, 2001 -- Download

1. On the main screen space - navigates one chapter forward back-space - navigates one chapters backwards arrow up (or caps shift) - navigates one verse backwards arrow down (or i, or l) - navigates one verse forward

2. In BibleCfg there is an option under "VerseNavigation" called "Use Numbers on Main Screen", when it is enabled the numbers on the main screen do navigation, the numbers to hot key to another desktop mode are disabled (later to be replaced with configurable hot keys).
Within a book to navigate to another verse it looks for a pattern: ChapterNumber WhiteSpace VerseNumber WhiteSpace or VerseNumber WhiteSpace WhiteSpace WhiteSpace is a "space" character or the characters , + - . : : (comma, plus,dash,period,color, simi-colon) Numbers are up to 3 digits. Some examples: the sequence "2 3 " (quotes not included) will navigate to chapter 2 verse 3 the sequence "22:1-" (quotes not included) will navigate to chapter 22 verse 1 the sequence "2 " (quotes not included) will navigate to verse 2 Any non-whiteSpace character such as a b c d , etc will reset the sequence as if nothing entered, so if you type a mistake, just type "a"

3. The application BibleCfg may be started from the normal launcher or on the "advanced" button on the Preferences screen.

4. t - toggles to the next loaded version at that verse

5. b - goes back to the last verse

6. Fixed crash on exiting from Bible directory

7. New menu's with Copy Notes, Copy Verse, deleted unneeded jumps to books

8. Better OS 3.3 support (still not recommended for Greek with accents)

9. Added ROM info to info screen

10. Changed some Amen's to Ok's

11. Fixed a bug where only 1 or 2 verese shown on long verses NASB w/ Strong's or GRAMCORD

12. Fixed problem with the last verses of John 21 in GRAMCORD

13. Fixed several scrolling issues, so long verses work and also JFB commentary

14. Fixed crash with DMWrite failure in some exit modes.


Version 3.30b  January  17, 2001  -- Download

1. First word on NASB w/ Strong's and GRAMCORD tracks better.
2. Supports Greek NT and GNT/GRAMCORD accents
3. Be careful on OS 3.3, this version requires more memory


Version 3.30a14  October  30, 2000  -- Download

1.  Palm OS 3.3 support (uses less memory, since 3.3 leaves us less to work in)
2.  Fix a problem with taping the screen after first coming up


Version 3.30a12  October  27, 2000 (supports  NASB Strong's and GRAMCORD/N27 Greek NT)  -- Download

1. Added special keys to go back to the last chosen verse (b,c,d,e)
The keys b c d e toggle back to previous verses.
Each time one goes to the Verse Chooser (or use the number navigation method), it remembers the last 4 locations,
b - toggle the last and the current
c - toggles 2 back and the current
d - toggles 3 back and the current
e - toggles 4 back and the current
These last verses are saved on exit.

2. Added a hot key to toggle through all Bible versions at the current verse (t)
The key t will toggle to the next Bible Version at the current verse. It only toggles through Versions loaded that have a verse at the current.

3. Fixed a problem with crashing on Visor Prism with 8meg Spring board.
4. Added some support for the Sony Jog Dial interface
5. Separated out the commands to toggle showing Strong's verses (still the 's' and 'n' command. To toggle display of the GRAMCORD parsing, use 'p
6. Default is strong's on, parsing off, Greek font on
7. GRAMCORD Greek word and lemma in Greek Font.
8. Fixed a problem with strong's and scrolling, the word defs sometimes got into the wrong screen.
9. Fixed problem with advancing one chapter between Mal 1 and Matt 1
10. Fixed a problem with not finding BibleReadme if its on a springboard module.
10. Startup is faster.
11. Version string to 3.3 

NOTE: the newer BibleReader are very difficult to run on the Palm OS 3.3, this OS level leaves very little memory for us to run in.

Version 3.30a6  September 24, 2000 (supports  NASB Strong's and GRAMCORD/N27 Greek NT)  -- Download

--Fixes a problem in switching databases that may cause a crash
--Added a hot key 't' command, enter a 't' for Toggle, and it will toggle through all Bible version that have a verse at the current verse location
--Fixed a memory segment problem (may cause some crashes)
--Fixed a problem with the RSV not accessing Proverbs 20.
--Fixed a problem with a memory leak (we were not releasing memory), when switching Greek font sizes, it also can cause the system file to grow.
--We now support running the BibleReader in CF memory. (just does not save the user options).
--Added the Swedish Bible.

If you are in the GRAMCORD Greek NT or NASB Strong's beta program, YES you should update to this version of the BibleReader, we will try to email all on this.

Version 3.30a2  September 9, 2000 (supports  Strong's and GRAMCORD)  -- Download

Fixes a problem using the reader with Palm OS 3.0.
Fixes a problem with Strong's definitions window causing invalid 
characters to appear on either window (this will need a lot of testing).

Version 3.30a  September 3, 2000 (supports Strong's and GRAMCORD)  -- Download

Uses less memory than the 3.12a and 3.22a readers.
Fixed a problem with scrolling back from Matt 1:1 or Luke 1:1, Acts 1:1, etc.
Fixed a problem with the title refresh (caused screen to go blank) when scrolling back.
Fixed problem with switching Greek fonts. (sometimes crashes or goes to wrong version)
Supports up to 4 Greek font sizes (needs new databases for Greek, GRAMCORD, Strong's).
Exits the application very quickly.
Better selecting of Strong's number and Greek words.

Version 3.02a  August 16, 2000 and 3.12a for Strong's and 3.22a for GRAMCORD

Added better memory management
Fixed bugs related to Strong's
Added the N27 Greek NT

Version   3.01y   July 14,  2000  (and p3.21y for Strong's)

   Added the Albanian Bible.
   Added advanced formatting for the RSV and NRSV.
   Fixed several Strong's numbers problems.
   Fixed highlighting not reset after a find, 
   Fixed verse ref on menu, and re-sizing the PC BibleReader
   Fixed a crash on finding Strong's Greek word
   Fixed show key word, i.e.  "1" for father
   Fixed the highlight on searching with Strong's numbers not shown
   Fixed in Strong's invalid Greek word ==1 Sam 2:4 "strength"-Hebrew NOT loaded
   Fixed a problem with the RVR60 not able to go to Ephesians.

Version   3.01x5,6   June 19,  2000  (and p3.21x4 for Strong's)

Added two Greek Font sizes (more coming...)

Version   3.01x4   May 31,  2000  (and p3.21x4 for Strong's)

Fixed several display  items relating to Strong's numbers, the verse chooser 
is a little different (buttons)

Version   3.01x1   May 21,  2000  (and p3.21x1 for Strong's)

Added configuration for five colors, added copy to clipboard from Strong's definition, added Greek support for the selected word., fixed a few database access problems. Clipboard copy from the Strong's definition window now works.

Version   3.01x   May 17,  2000  (and p3.21x for Strong's)

Added number pad to the Verse Chooser,  Apocryphal books are now integrated into the same reader (NRSV), added to the find screen:  paste, clear and last.  For color Palm's -- added colored Icon for color Palm's, and if you type a 'c' on the letter pad, you can configure some colors from the preferences screen, the 'c' will toggle the color support on/off  (not fully complete),  Fixed a problem with the searches from Genesis not going all the way to Revelation. Uses the latest SDK 3.5 from 3COM, which is more stable.

Version   3.01v   May 6,  2000 

Includes all fixes in the 3.01u PLUS fixes a problem specific to Handspring Visor: BibleReaderOpts file was not saving properly if BibleReader was stored in flash memory - causing an error message "Cannot find Bible databases". This is now fixed. 

Version   3.01u   May 5,  2000 

  • Fixed a problem in PalmOS 3.5:  tapping on the Bible version or verse reference did not bring up the proper screens (this was due to differences in the PalmOS 3.5 from previous OS levels)

  • Added more space after the book abbreviations in the VerseChooser

  • Improved memory management - freed up more memory

  • Added support for Chinese and Czechoslovakian Bibles

Versions  3.01t   April  21,  2000 
              p3.21t  pro Reader with Strong's Numbers support

  • Fixed a problem with the end of the book of Revelation not scrolling properly

  • New TapScroll option; tap the upper half of the screen for scroll back, tap the lower half of the screen to scroll forward (select in Edit/Preferences). Note: this option may present a problem when using the Strong's Numbers in the pro version Reader.  We'll have a new release with a fix for this soon.

  • Modes (numbers on/off, etc.) are now saved when exiting/re-entering the Strong's numbers database

  • Fixed the scroll back function in the Strong's definition window

Versions  3.01r   April 7,  2000 
               p3.21r  pro Reader with Strong's Numbers support

  • Fixed a problem with Find Next not continuing from the current location

  • Fixed a problem with the Toolbar display not clearing out when the displayed title gets shorter

  • Fixed a problem with accessing 1 and 2 Kings with the Verse Chooser

  • Bible Version Chooser is now initialized with the proper version

  • Verse Chooser buttons (OT, NT) are now smart as to what Bible books are loaded
    (the buttons are not visible if that section (OT or NT) is not loaded)

Versions  3.01p   March  28,  2000 
              p3.21p  pro Reader with Strong's Numbers support

Fixes problem with losing system memory; may require a soft reset to restore the Palm system file to normal

Versions  3.01n   March  27,  2000 
              p3.21n  pro Reader with Strong's Numbers support

  • Open Bible (database) is now a list box on the main screen and is scrollable

  • Fixed problem with desktop mode 3

  • Better memory management

  • Support for RSV, NRSV and German Luther Bibles

Versions  3.01k   March  18,  2000 
              p3.01k  pro Reader with Strong's Numbers support

  • New List Icon for Bible reader

  • Fixed restoring font after a search

  • Increased the number of bookmarks to 40

  • Decreased memory requirement, so should work on OS 3.3

Version  3.01i   March  8,  2000  pro Reader with Strong's Numbers support

Same as 3.01h regular Reader, but with Strong's Numbers support

Version  3.01h   March  7,  2000  regular Reader without Strong's Numbers

  • Fixed scrolling forward bug introduced in 3.01c

  • Fixed a database access problem with Greek NT and having more than 255 Palm files installed

Version  p3.01f  --  'p' is the Pro version supporting advanced functionality

  • Added NASB  with Strong's Numbers support

  • Added a List View icon


Note: the 3.01a release (and earlier releases) may not correctly label the French and German versions.  This is corrected in 3.01c. 

Version 3.01c   February 20,  2000

  • Improved speed in searching (sped up database access)
  • Added a new feature: in desktop 1 and 3, tapping to the right of the bookmark icon toggles through all loaded Bible versions in the current verse (to compare translations)
  • Fixed the labeling of the French version: it is the 1910 Louis Segond
  • Fixed the labeling of the German version: it is the 1912 Luther
  • Fixed a problem with desktop 3; numbers typed into the Find field at the top of the main screen are now working
  • Fixed a problem with the search not starting at the correct book
  • Fixed the problem of the search string not showing at the top of the screen in Classic desktop mode 3
  • Added support for the Douay-Rheims version and the Weymouth NT version

Version 3.01   January 31,  2000  

  • Fixed a problem with the menus activated when tapping on the "Find" icon
  • Added a new message displayed during a search

Version 3.00   January 27,  2000  (zip file Reader.zip)

  • The Chapter field on the Verse Chooser is automatically selected with a visible cursor when the Verse Chooser opens
  • Added a shortcut for the Verse Chooser (^V), and Open Bible (^O) (to switch between versions)
  • Fixed a crash with TRFPro in the Help/Info screen.
  • Removed unneeded code from the de-compression area

Version 3.00   January 23,  2000  (zip file 3001.zip)

  • Tapping on the top 1/2 of the first line of text or bottom 1/2 of last line of text scrolls according to the options set for the scroll bar (the other 1/2 of the text lines are left inactive so the user can select the text for the copy/paste without activating a scroll)
  • New Copyright Screen with the LBLA and RVR1960 Spanish versions
  • Fixed a scrolling back crash problem
  • Aligned some buttons and controls

Version 3.00   January 21,  2000  (zip file 300.zip)

  • Fixed the Menu shortcuts
  • Verse Chooser now does not have default numbers of 1:1 in the Chapter/Verse spaces - spaces are blank - if nothing is defined, the VerseChooser goes to Chapter 1 Verse 1 of the selected book
  • Fixed the Genesis Menu item
  • Tapping anywhere on the extreme top or bottom will scroll the screen according to the options set for the scroll bar
  • Fixed one scroll-back bug
  • Fixed the Olive Tree on Help/Info and Bible Directory screens to display properly

Version 2.61   January 17,  2000

  • Now can swipe the pen to highlight any part of any verse on the screen to bookmark it, not just the verse shown in the Toolbar (toolbar verse is the default for a bookmark unless another verse is selected)
  • New About bo.
  • Added Desktop configuration screen, including adding back in the Classic Desktop (original Olive Tree Reader desktop)

Version 2.60d6   January 8, 2000

  • Scroll up and down by page is working (one line top and bottom is kept)
  • Now easier to see what books are installed on the bookmarks and Verse Chooser
  • My Bibles (the Open Bible screen) shows the current version as highlighted
  • Greek Font crash fixed, also, the problem with losing the Greek Font is fixed
  • Scrolling backwards fixed
  • Chapter field in Verse Chooser fixed
  • Deleted temp files
  • Added shortcuts back in for some books
  • Application name is back to BibleReader
  • Page scrolling NOT supported in OS 1.0 or 2.0 - Beware!

Version 2.60d4   January 2, 2000

  • Fixed a problem with the Olive Tree icon
  • Scrolling forward fixed
  • Working on scrolling backward bugs

Palm Computing is a registered trademark of 3Com Corporation.  All other product names may be the trademarks of their respective companies.

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