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Biblical Greek Flashcards

Biblical Greek Flashcards for Windows 95/98/NT

Version 2 Gramcord Institute Logo

Now with a new Voice feature for audio pronunciation!

Easily review over 2000 words (down to a frequency of 9 occurrences in the GNT) in the GreekFlash Pro card sets. Now also for the first time, review any or all of the cards pronounced with the audio feature!

Itís Smart - Automatically tracks those "problem words" which have given you trouble in the past by placing them in Not, Short, or Long-Term memory. Whether a first semester beginner or a veteran refreshing your Greek vocabulary, GreekFlash Pro enables you to focus on the words most needed and in the least possible time. GreekFlash Pro for Windows simplifies the learning process in one smart and easy-to-use program.

Itís Sophisticated - GreekFlash Pro for Windows tracks your progress and guides your study to various difficulty levels. Its "smart" sense moves the items already mastered to the appropriate memory category.

These card sets are designed to complement the work of:

    William Mounceís Basicís of Biblical Greek
    Warren Trenchardís Complete Vocabulary Guide to the Greek New Testament
    Cullen & J. Lyle Storyís Greek to Me
These are just some of the features in GreekFlash Pro 2.0 for Windows:
  • STATISTICS View progress on any card set at a glance.
  • CARD SET TOOLS Use Set Editor and Card Editor to create and edit cards easily.
  • REVIEW STYLE at your own pace, or with "Auto Speed" hands-free!
  • EASILY PRINT flash cards to carry with you. Review and reinforce!
  • AUDIO OPTION click the Audio option to drill cards orally.
  • DRILLING OPTIONS Choose part of speech, chapter or level of memory (not, short, or long term).

  • Copyright © 1995-1998 Paradigm Software Development. All Rights Reserved.

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