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BibleReader for Palm - Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our new BibleReader Online Instruction Manual

Q:  How do I scroll through the text while using BibleReader?

A:  There are two methods to scroll the text, one is to screen tap on either the top or bottom of the screen area with your stylus, or the other is to use the "rocker" button at the bottom of your PDA.  BibleReader allows you to set the perimeters of the scrolling by going to Menus/Edit/Preferences.  This is discussed more fully in our Online Instruction Manual. 

Q: What is the difference between scrolling with the rocker and screen tapping?

A: Scrolling with the "rocker" uses the bone shaped button at the bottom of the PDA. Pushing the top of the button scrolls in reverse and pushing the bottom of the button does a forward scroll. With screen tapping if you tap the top corners of the text area you scroll in reverse, tap the bottom corners to do a forward scroll. When using Strongís numbers it is advisable to use the rocker for scrolling as screen tapping is how you highlight a word for study.

Q: I downloaded the Bible text but get an error message that says "viewer for this type of file could not be found".
A: You need to load the BibleReader also. BibleReader is the application designed to read the Olive Tree Bible files.

Q: Iím missing books of the Bible on my PDA can you tell me why?

A: Sometimes a file gets missed in the Hot Sync process. Re Hot Sync and download those files that are missing  On the Palm the whole Bible is divided into 12 sections (see below) so here is an example:  Note that the range of books is shown in the 3 letter abbreviations, so if you are missing Psalms, probably the "06" file is not installed.


Q: " I use a Macintosh computer, can I use your software and a Palm device?"

A:  Yes, and here's a letter from someone like yourself to answer the question:

"Downloaded the NRSV today when I got to work.  I use a Mac and Stuffit, the NRSV is for my Handspring Visor - and everything works just the way it's supposed to."

See also http://www.aladdinsys.com/.

Q: Because of memory issues on my PDA I want to have only part of the Bible loaded at one time, how do I do this?

A: You will have to delete the whole Bible from the PDA, by going to the Palm desktop, tap Menu, select Delete, and choose file to delete. Then download only those sections that you need and re Hot Sync the PDA.

Q: How to delete files on the Palm?

A: Delete files from the PDA by going to the Palm desktop, tap Menu, select Delete, and choose file to delete.

Q: How do I enable the Greek fonts on my Palm?

A: Tap the tree icon and go to Edit/Preferences and check the appropriate box.

Q:  "I would like to convert another Bible text so that I can read it in the BibleReader - what format do I need and how do I do it?"  


A: Due to copyright issues, we are unable to assist you to place any copyrighted texts into our BibleReader without going through the proper permissions channels.  If a Bible text is in public domain, meaning there is no copyright holder and the text is free to be published and distributed publicly, then it's possible we could convert your files for you.  You are welcome to e-mail us the title of the text and we'll check into it. 

Q:  "I would like to use BibleReader to read some of my personal files - can I convert them so BibleReader can read them?"  


A:   At the moment, we've decided to keep the BibleReader specific to the Bible only - sorry, other types of text cannot be put into the BibleReader. 

Q:  "If I buy multiple Bible versions, can I get a discount?" 


A:  This is something we've considered carefully.  In order to make our Bible products, and thus, the Bible as available as possible, we've decided to keep our overall prices low, thereby giving a "discount" to everyone.  Streamlining our bookkeeping demands (no variable pricing structure) is one of the ways we're able to keep our prices low.  Please understand, we certainly appreciate orders for multiple copies but we aren't able to offer any further discount. Of course, you are certainly welcome to enjoy as many copies of our free Bible downloads as you like!

Q: "Why are some Bibles free but others cost money?" 


A:  Most major modern translations and texts are copyrighted to preserve the text and generate income to support ongoing Bible research and administration.  Our distribution agreements for copyrighted texts require that we pay royalties for each copy distributed. When we are required to sell a Bible text to cover royalty costs, we've tried to keep our prices as low as possible for our user's sake. 


However, some Bible texts (for example, the KJV) are in public domain - they are freely available for Olive Tree to convert and provide for free.  We are always willing to look into providing public domain texts as free downloads for the BibleReader; if you know of a Bible text that you'd like to see in the BibleReader, please e-mail us and we'll check into its availability. 

Q: "Why not use a DOC format?  Why the BibleReader?" 


A:  When we began developing our Bible products, we looked at the DOC format, but since our direction and desire were to provide specific Bible study tools, we needed a more complex reader/database structure to handle references, hypertext, smart lookups, and original Greek and Hebrew languages, for example. Problematically this required building a proper base to display these tools on.  Most generic readers do not understand Bible references, for instance, making it impossible to perform a search or look up a word.  This is why we do not use a generic reader. 


In the future, using our BibleReader, you may be hyperlinked to many Bible
study tools from a specific verse.  We wouldn't be able to do this in a generic

Still have a question?  Please Email us

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